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Ok, I've gone insane.  This site was started on June 7th, 2002.  The creator of this page is extremley cranky at the moment but can't stop laughing...making sence?  I guess not.....anyways, I am weird you can say it, I wouldn't care anyways.

Weiß Kreuz is about 4  guys who work at a flower shop called Koneko No Sume Ie (Kitty in a box) during the day, and are assassins by night.  The 4 guys are Fujimiya Aya, Kodou Youji, Hidaka Ken, and Tsukiyono Omi.  The series is about their lives and their missions....Just check out the site.

Going clockwise starting at the top with the red-head- Fujimiya Aya, Kodou Youji, Hidaka Ken, Tsukiyono Omi.

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I do not own Weiß Kreuz or any of its characters...standard disclaimer..blah..blah..blah.